Modern Wedding Dress Designers 2023

Modern Wedding Dress Designers

Are you looking for clean and modern wedding dress designers?

Our goal is to keep our brides up-to-date on all select unused finds, patterns within the bridal world, and most vitally, plans that wow and alter all through a long time. We know that exploring the ocean of wedding dresses in the nearest bridal boutiques and online can be an overwhelming errand. With thousands of wedding dress originators and millions of dresses to select from, your head is swimming. 

To assist with your look we put together a list of best modern wedding dress designers. Check out the final year’s best creators here!

1. Hello Bride Co

Modern Wedding Dress Designers
Modern Wedding Dress Designers

For sure this is our favorite! It is always difficult to find something different and new. Meet the Hello Bride brand that entered our list this year.

Hello Bride offers uniquely beautiful modern wedding dresses. The sewing quality and fabrics are really nice. You can easily see the different motifs and the touches suitable. You can feel super when you wear a wedding dress. We loved their latest collections.

We recommend that you follow the Instagram account and visit the website.

Price ranges between $1,900-3,900.

2. Vera Wang

Modern Wedding Dress Designers

Vera Wang is a famous creator whose shocking looks have been around since 1990. Year after year her outfits proceed to wow brides with new and trendsetting plans. Frequently striking but never vainglorious, a bridal outfit by Vera Wang is beyond any doubt to turn heads. We cherish how she embellishes classic outlines with flawless textures, shocking cuts, and pops of color.

Dresses often start close to $4,000 and the Luxe collection begins at $8,900. 

If you’re a daring bride looking for an unforgettable dress, the fashions of Vera Wang will delight you.  

3. Galia Lahav

Modern Wedding Dress Designers

Talking of strong brides, Galia Lahav’s bridal couture dresses are the encapsulation of sentimental haute couture. These glam outfits utilize fine beaded subtle elements, Italian silk, streaming tulle, and emotional trains to create any bride a work of craftsmanship on her wedding day.

Born in Russia, Galia comes from a family of seamstresses and it’s easy to see her passionate heritage at work in her awe-inspiring gowns. Made-to-order dresses start around $7,000 while custom gowns can cost up to $20,000. 

If you want over-the-top couture elegance, Galia Lahav is a wonderful pick. 

4. Anna Campbell

Modern Wedding Dress Designers

We adore the vintage vibes of Anna Campbell’s outfits. Her staggering dress plans trickle with the sentiment. Old-world excitement is brought to life with fragile embellishments, ethereal, streaming textures, and classic outlines.

Lovely and feminine, you can find Anna Campbell gowns in the price range of $4,800 – $9,500.

Anna Campbell gowns are perfect for vintage or boho brides. 

5. Lihi Hod

Modern Wedding Dress Designers

Lihi Hod brings together present-day pizazz, classic outlines, and couture mold to create outstandingly comfortable outfits. We adore that a bride’s certainty and consolation are portions of Lihi’s reasoning (as proven by the built-in body-shaping)! Regularly her dresses have beautiful delicate lines, a touch of beading, and a sprint of a bind for a rich bohemian see. Costs run from $4,000 – $7,000.

Boho brides will love Lihi Hod, but so will any bride who wants both timeless beauty and comfort on her wedding day.

6. Justin Alexander

Modern Wedding Dress Designers
Modern Wedding Dress Designers

Justin Alexander has ended up a bridal favorite, advertising outfits in a wide assortment of styles. From classic outlines to immortal dresses with cutting-edge pizazz, this creator has something for each bride.

What’s wonderful about Justin Alexander is that most dresses offer luxury embellishments, fabric, and style but at an affordable price point. Gowns range from $3,500 to almost $6,000. 

If you are hoping to find a classic, elegant wedding dress without breaking the bank, Justin Alexander should be your go-to.  

7. Grace Loves Lace

Modern Wedding Dress Designers

The brain behind Elegance Cherishes Bind is Megan Ziems, an up-and-coming architect who has been shaking up the bridal industry since 2010. Her shocking outfits are high quality with wonderful consideration for detail. They go astray from the conventional in that each one features a special, boho, free-spirit sort of component. We adore that they’re easily exquisite whereas being a comfortable, one-of-a-kind dream wedding dress.

Oh, and don’t forget they’re affordable, ranging from $2.650 to $6,500! 

Brides searching for a luxurious dress that embodies their free spirit will love Grace Loves Lace. 

8. Dana Harel

Minimalist Wedding Dress Designers

From immortal outlines to fashion-forward stunners, Dana’s carefully assembled outfits have it all. The more modern plans are completely breathtaking with their interesting designs, textures, and jaw-dropping components.

You can certainly go classic with Dana Harel but after seeing a few of her more modern collections you may be rethinking your style. There is something for everyone within her bridal collections! Prices start at just over $5,000. 

For traditional brides or those wanting a bespoke gown that will have everyone talking, shop Dana Harel’s designs. 

From timeless silhouettes to fashion-forward stunners, Dana’s handmade gowns have it all. The more contemporary designs are breathtaking with their unique patterns, fabrics, and jaw-dropping elements.

You can certainly go classic with Dana Harel but after seeing a few of her more modern collections you may be rethinking your style. There is something for everyone within her bridal collections! Prices start at just over $5,000. 

For traditional brides or those wanting a bespoke gown that will have everyone talking, shop Dana Harel’s designs. 

9. Maggie Sottero

Johanna A-line wedding gown

We adore that Maggie Sottero dresses offer such a wide extent of sentimental outlines. From sheath dresses to surging ball outfits, it’s the center of the frame and shape that catches our eye. All of the dresses are fit for a tall tale – charming and full of beautiful highlights like bind and unobtrusive beading. Bind is maybe the foremost joined frivolity on a Maggie Sottero shocker.

Gowns start at $3,200 to around $6,400. 

Chic yet timeless, romantic Maggie Sottero dresses will make a bride feel like she’s living in a fairytale on her wedding day. 

10. Willowby by Watters

Modern Wedding Dress Designers

From finished textures to charming colors, Willowby by Watters is bohemian at its finest. Conventional unusual components like streaming chime sleeves are taken to extravagance levels with rich colors and fine materials.

These unconventional gowns will make sure all eyes are on you on your wedding day without being too high-fashion for the free-spirited, bohemian bride. Prices range from $3,250 to $5,750. 

Unmistakably bohemian, the unconventional bride will love Willowby’s twist on timeless gowns. 

11. Ines Di Santo

Minimalist Wedding Dress Designers

An outfit by Ines Di Santo essentially overflows exciting couture. Swarovski precious stones, French bind, and wealthy materials like silk are handcrafted to create one-of-a-kind bridal outfits. All of these dresses are nothing brief of sumptuous and advanced, and we particularly revere the breathtaking subtle elements.

Prices tend to fit the high-quality design and materials, ranging from $5,500 to $20,000. 

Glamorous couture gowns that are unapologetically romantic – perfect for the bride who wants to splurge on her wedding day. 

12. Jenny Yoo

Shiloh with Appliqué Wedding Dress

Understated, simple elegance – that’s Jenny Yoo. These ethereal gowns are so versatile, ideal for everyone from the bohemian bride to the chic modern woman. Tulle, silk, chiffon, and lace give the flowing and lightweight gowns a look fit for a goddess. These lovely feminine gowns range from $4,100 to $6,500. 

Ethereal, simple, and sweet, Jenny Yoo is a top pick for the understated bride. 

13. LEIN

Minimalist Wedding Dress Designers
Minimalist Wedding Dress Designers

LEIN offers bespoke dresses that are easy to wear both on and off your wedding day. These customizable outfits are hand-crafted in Modern York and reflect the designer’s energy for outlines and textures that make a bride both see and feel astounding whereas strolling down the walkway. These non-traditional, tense outfits tend to fetch between $2,850 and $7,270.

For the fashion-forward bride who wants something different on her wedding day (and to wear again after her wedding!), view the collections at LEIN.


Jenny by Jenny Yoo Lourdes Gown

BHLDN plans have demonstrated time and time once more that they’re incredible for beachy brides. Fit for a tropical goal, these sweet outfits are regularly breezy, chic, and pared-down for that easy boho see.

They do have some more sophisticated options that feature striking cutouts and lovely chiffon folds, but overall they’re beloved by brides planning romantic outdoor ceremonies.

Starting prices are affordable at $2,995 and range up to $7,500. 

Boho, breezy, and fit for the beach, BHLDN is a wonderful choice for brides with a destination wedding. 

15. Reem Acra

The Celebration Collection In Bloom

Reem Acra has been planning since 1997 and since that time her outfits have ended up famous for their marvelous couture embellishments. Typically particularly genuine when it comes to her complex weavings. Reem’s pieces are tense and statement-making, moreover being sentimental and marvelous. Dresses begin at $6,000.

Excellent for bold brides who want to make a statement on their wedding day, Reem Acra gowns are simply unforgettable. 

16. Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Wedding Dress

Oscar de la Renta is another stalwart of the wedding industry. Within the soul of the creator himself, the collection proceeds to gloat flawlessly decorated and decorated outfits with some immortal outlines. From brief and perky to ladylike and rich, his line offers a small something for everybody – for a cost even though. Bridal outfits normally around $24,000.

From daring to demure, this classic bridal fashion house offers something for every type of bride. 

17. Hermione de Paula

Virere Collection Wedding Gown

We are swooning over the nature-inspired, unusual plans of Hermione de Paula. Her dazzling outfits epitomize the excellence of the vegetation and fauna found all around us. Built from high-quality, sumptuous materials these complicated daydream outfits are superbly fantastic. Costs extend from $6,000 to fair over $9,000.

Sweet and feminine but with a healthy dose of nature-inspired couture, whimsical brides will love the designs of Hermione de Paula. 

18. Claire Pettibone


Claire Pettibone is known for her perplexing, high-end bridal plans propelled by nature, design, and sentimental outfits from past periods. Words commonly utilized to portray this couture creator are bohemian, vintage, ethereal, and fragile. Filled with beadwork, weaving, and a bounty of fine French bind, one of her outfits will take a toll on you anyplace from $5,500 to over $20,000.

A lovely choice for the bride who would like a bohemian, vintage, or old-world glamour-inspired gown. 

19. Villanova

Madelyn ballgown wedding dress

Villanova, a European architect house driven by Lorenzo Rossi, is known for outfits that are advanced and set out we say, provocative?

The exquisite gowns are always breathtaking thanks to their dramatic flair in both silhouette and embellishments. You can find classic silhouettes in stunning silk and more form-fitting modern gowns with dainty beading or lace. Wedding dresses from MillaNova start around $5,000. 

Breathtaking and with an eye for the dramatic, MillaNova works for modern and traditional brides looking for a touch of elegance and flair.  

20. Amsale

Brighton Duchess satin flare gown

Amsale Aberra of Amsale was the ace of moderate outfits that celebrate different outlines and shapes. With fresh, clean-cut lines and extravagant textures, Amsale wedding dresses are straightforward, even though not downplayed. Their new utilization of appliques, bind, and beadwork makes these classic dresses feel cutting edge. Her collection, presently run by her girl, spouse, and group ranges from $5,000 to $16,000.

Amsale excels in clean-cut, crisp, and elegant gowns for the modern bride. 

21. Nordeen


Nordeen outfits are propelled by nature: basic, out-of-the-blue tense, and wonderful. What’s indeed more exquisite almost this bridal brand is its commitment to supportability. Long lines, straightforward outlines, and downplayed plans make up much of the collection.

We love the quiet strength and beauty represented in these dresses that range from $3,395 to $7,000. 

For eco-friendly brides who want a feminine chic gown that embodies the beauty of their outdoor wedding locale. 

22. Atelier Emelia

Lina Elasthane crepe dress

Atelier Emelia has done the inconceivable, matching consolation with haute couture. These outfits radiate easy Parisian design, with an eye to advanced patterns. Their dresses span a extend of individual styles, from chic and modern to sentimental and complicated. The reality that they accept your wedding dress ought to feel as comfortable as your favorite combination of pants is additionally a tremendous addition!

Gown prices start at around $5,000. 

If you want Parisian fashion in an impossibly easy-to-love and easy-to-wear dress, shop Atelier Emelia. 

23. Pantora

Pantora 2021 Journey Collection Wedding Dress

Pandora is modern, chic, and eminent for creating eye-popping dresses. This U.S.-based company adores to require conventional outlines and jazz them up with fun materials, curiously embellishments, and eye-catching plans. Their fun, dynamic wedding dresses are perfect for brides who need to stand out on their wedding day – past fair being the lady wearing white.

Gowns are priced between $4,000 and $8,000. 

Lean towards Pantora if you’re a unique bride who wants to show off your style on your wedding day.  

24. Hayley Paige


In 2011, Hayley Paige brought her new and energetic plans to the bridal mold. Her outfits are perky, female, and fair a bit tense. She does extraordinary work at mixing sentimental glamor with cutting-edge mold embellishments, particularly when it comes to sparkly beading and amble layers of textures.

Hayley Paige gowns start around $4,700 and range up to $9,000. 

Hayley Paige gowns are perfect for contemporary brides who want a sweet and playful dress with a fun, modern twist. 

25. Monique Lhuillier

BRIDALFall 2022 Emma

Creator Monique Lhuillier is known for her celebrity outfits, planning wedding dresses for the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Britney Lances. Her star-worthy wedding manifestations are more sumptuous, ladylike, and more diverse than your run-of-the-mill dresses. Downplayed components such as monochromatic botanical designs, flowy sleeves, and surge skirts that drift down the path put a fun turn on conventional outlines. Numerous of Monique’s wedding dresses have an illustrious or majestic feel.

Prices typically start around $7,000 but can exceed $55,000 for completely custom creation.

Choose Monique Lhuillier if you’re dreamy of a flowing, feminine dress with fashion-forward touches.  

26. Markarian

Roxie White Lace Gown

Markarian (Alexandra O’Neill’s extravagance name) takes its title from an uncommonly shinning gathering of systems, so it is no shock that their ethereal wedding dress plans are fair as brilliant. These dresses appear to center on the engineering see of the outfit, playing with fresh lines, fitted bodices, and towers of unsettled organza. Brides can discover find discover everything from advanced smaller expected suits to more conventional A-line outfits, each with its claimed extraordinary touch of adornment.

Markarian gowns cost between $5,000 and $9,000. 

Markarian is perfect for brides who want an eye-catching gown that makes great use of form and fun embellishments. 

27. Odylyne The Ceremony

Caspian gown

Indie brides will cheer when they lurch upon Odylyne’s The Ceremony. These breathtaking outfits are totally sentimental and unquestionably Bohemian. They have a laidback feel but are distant from looking downplayed with their expansive chime sleeves, fun designs, and rich unsettles. Their mission is to take off standard behind when it comes to bridal, and their marvelous outfits do fair that.

Odylyne The Ceremony dresses range between $6,500 and $9,000. 

Shop Odylyne The Ceremony if you want a stand-out Bohemian dress that evokes feelings of romance and soft feminine elegance.

28. Sophie et Voilà

Finta Wedding Dress

In 2016, Sofía Arribas and Saioa Goitia established their Spanish bridal name, Sophie et Voilà. Their structural foundation truly comes through in their strong geometric outfits that superbly mix solid shapes and delicate lines.

However, these statement-making gowns are minimalist instead of over the top. Think crisp lines and stiff pleats accented by ethereal ruffles. Sophie et Voilà gowns also incorporate recycled materials into their gowns as part of their sustainability promise. These wedding dresses range from $5,400 to $9,000.  

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